This site is not updated since 2005. So many things are changed in my life like in "Queen world" and don't have a time to correct most informations on this site and they are in many places wrong and have few mistakes. Soon will be even closed probably. Sorry...

Please visit excellent Bob site and Queen Zone forum.

In this site I would like to present unofficial and official live recordings from Queen concerts. Most of this is availible on bootleg market with various versions (so I avoid the worst ones) and sometimes from few sources. You will find also some early recordings the bands 1984, The Reaction and Smile. There is also lots rumours and info about possible mysterious recordings so please visit section with unknow recordings and unsure info .

Dates and places marked by red star shows approximately what I looking for. Recordings marked by black star are not for trade at know for some reason and I looking for better versions of this so If You have this just tell me.

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