By José Pluma

It was the day October 15 when the Company of Capitol Records decided to stage a press conference for the Rock press and Queen. The invitations were sent to a select group of people We were part of the company.
Their entrance was simple. they went accompanied by their bodyguards and friends. They arrived smiling, friendly and kind. Immediately the photographers went to work and they didn't leave alone them during several minutes.
After a short while we greet John Deacon, with whom we shared a few some words in Monterrey. He said that he felt the their concerts in Puebla and that in Monterrey went well he had liked the shows. Then we were with Roger Taylor to speak to him about his solo album and to tell him that it was very good. He thanked saying us that he had also liked it as it was. I commented him that he fascinated the science fiction and that it should visit the Pyramids of Teotihuacán because it was something fascinating. - He said that he would try to make it. Then we come closer to Brian May and we ask him if their guitar had really built it of its fireplace. - he told Me that yes. I asked him if his father had helped him and he answered me affirmatively. They were required to speak to other journalists and so took their leave.

Then I was with Freddie Mercury. He was very calm and willing to be interviewed. I came closer and I began my questions.
Hello, how are you?

Freddie: fine !

He wanted to ask you some questions for our publication. (I showed them to him)

Freddie: Oh that, well (he starts thumbing through them and pauses looking at the pictures in the interior).

Good, we know little of you and he wanted to ask some questions, that your Mexican fans want to know, regarding your beginnings. When you the first two albums recorded, the critics noted a Led Zeppelin influence.

Freddie: In that time they not only compared us with Zeppelin, but with other groups. It seemed to be the thing of the time and continues to be with the critics. In fact we were not influenced especially by anybody (laughs). We work on our music and I believe that we achieve a style from the start. People like to make comparisons to other groups, but the critics forget that it was the same for previous groups.

Of their first LP we can highlight the song "Liar".

Freddie: That was so much time ago that I don't remember that... no, I don't remember well...

Good, it is about a youth that has conflicts with their parents...

Freddie: oh, yes I remember it as something like that.

Was this some personal experience of some of you?

Fred: No I know... perhaps if... (laughs)

In the Lp "Queen II", why white side and black side? (very interested in the question)

Freddie: Well... that was a concept that we develop in that time was... it doesn't have, any special meaning. But we were fascinated with this type of things... the wardrobe that we used at the time described it perfectly well...

with glamour and bisexual image...

Freddie: Yes...

(and I have left seeing). On the back cover of the early albums, they always wrote that synthesizer was not used. Tell us something regarding that.

Fred: Oh, yes, that was due to the fact that the guitar reproduced that sound and we didn't need it, but it was so popular at the time that people thought that we also used one.

Yes, and I realized that then they introduced the synthesizer in "News Of the World"...

Freddie: Certainly

Do we find a lot of symbolism in "You're my Best Friend" of the album "A Night At the Opera", is the feeling that is expressed there love or friendship toward the feminine sex and masculine or to one only?

Freddie: - Indeed, it is a feeling of love and friendship and it is for both sexes. And any type of symbolism doesn't exist.

Your studies in classical piano influenced your decision to make "A Night At the Opera."

Freddie: Something, but not completely... they are many things those that influence you to make music, you know, almost all that surrounds you...

Does have some meaning "We Are the Champions?"

Freddie: Absolutely. There is nothing hidden in that song In in rock concerts all the crowd comes together as one .., (you see me again).

How did the single with David Bowie come about?

Freddie: Bowie it is very friend of us. We simply wanted to try to make something with him. We introduce ourselves to new things in each new recording.

Like the material type "The Game" certainly a new direction?

Freddie: Yes, we cannot not remain constant you must change all the time. I don't believe tin using using the same clothes as five years ago. We change.

Yes, I realize that there is not wardrobe like the one designed by ZANDRA RHODES...(Freddie turns and chats with a person next to me)

Freddie: now you can see me with... jeans... sneakers and a great moustache

(then the person hands him a large hat)

Freddie: Pancho Villa!

Anything but you lack the guns and the women.... (he laughs)... (more people start to arrive and they begin him to make strong requests of his time - I manage to get a hold of Roger Taylor

You like beer Mexican ?

Roger: Oh, yes, it is very good...

...is there some meaning in the song "I'm In Love With my Car?"

Roger: No... (he laughs)... it is only a joke... I like driving fast cars and racing...

(I return to Freddie and I tell him): I only want to tell you that these concerts that are giving are of great tsignificance in the history of the rock in our country.

Freddie: we want to play where rock music has never been played before, for that reason we are in Latin America, we try to take them music.

Yes, Queen are opening the doors of the world rock and this will bring more groups...

Freddie: We hope this happens...

Because of the good reception given to Queen...

Freddie: and if it is necessary we would return again...

In that the mariachis enter and they say goodbye with a "we see each other in the concert."