1. I'm So Glad (Skip James)
  2. Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin)
  3. Rain (The Beatles)
  4. We're Going Wrong (Cream)
  5. Rock Me Baby (B.B. King)
  6. Stone Free (Jimi Hendrix)
  7. Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley)
  8. Crossroads (Cream cover of Robert Leroy Johnson "Cross Road Blues")
  9. Vagabond Outcast
  10. We're Going Home (Ibex version I'm Going Home group Ten Years After)

Quality: G+
Time: 30:37min.

Recorded on Grundig TK14 reel-to-reel machine by Geoff Higgins. What a shame the tape run out on the encore of this concert - in the end Brian and Roger joined to Ibex. But for shure They watched whole concert so they spirits and applause is in this recording ;) Great document.