September - October 1971 / January - February 1972 - UK, London, Wembley, De Lane Lea Studios

  1. Jesus
  2. Liar
  3. Keep Yourself Alive
  4. The Night Comes Down
  5. Great King Rat
  6. Produced by Louie Austin. Terry Yeadon, Brian's friend had opened new studio in around September 1971 and he lookin a band to test the equipment. Brian agreed and Queen start used one of the newest technology on this time. That was first demos what Queen ever recorded. Session from September-October 1971 (date September 18th will be to short to record this ones used 'downtime) survives on acetate disc in Brian's personal collection and on reel-to-reel form and was basis for the future recording contract.

    June - November 1972 - UK, London, Soho, Trident Studios

  1. Jesus
  2. Liar
  3. Keep Yourself Alive
  4. The Night Comes Down
  5. Great King Rat
  6. Doin' All Right
  7. My Fairy King
  8. Son And Daughter
  9. Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll
  10. Seven Seas Of Rhye ...
  11. Mad The Swine
  12. Polar Bear
  13. Silver Salmon
  14. Feelings
  15. Hangman
  16. Rock 'n' Roll Medley (Jailhouse Rock, Stupid Cupid, Bebop A Lula, Big Spender, Bama Lama Lama Loo)
  17. Stone Cold Crazy
  18. White Queen
  19. Ogre Battle
  20. See What A Fool I've Been
  21. Seven Seas Of Rye (with vocal)
  22. Produced by John Anthony, Roy Thomas Baker and Queen. Engineered by Roy Thomas Baker, Mike Stone, Ted Sharpe, Dave Hentschel. In this session Queen recorded material for their debut album released in 'downtime' (when anyone don't used the studio). First LP was released by EMI (EMC 3006) on July 13th 1973 in UK. First single Keep Yourself Alive has been released on July 6th 1973.
    Mad The Swine in remixed form was released as a B-side on the single Headlong on May 13th 1991. The band probably have problems with percussion when they recorded this one.
    There's also exist 8" acetate with Jesus track created by promotional purposes or possible promo single release.
    Another one acetate exist with unknow take Silver Salmon. Writen by Tim Staffel, this song was been probably originaly slow folk song and Brian with Freddie changed this to more heavy track. And this one sounds great. Few takes survived. As Tim Staffel sayed "(...) science fiction extravagnza about a spaceship / rocket !"
    Feelings is another track than above and several takes exist.
    Roy Thomas Baker tryed re-work and produced with The Night Comes Down but nobody know is he done or not.
    Polar Bear is a old Smile song. More relaxed with Freddie's voice. Probably Queen played this one on some early concerts.
    Hangman was probably written by Freddie and Brian take the music. But it's also possible that this track originaly come from Wreckage. Queen played this track on early concerts and later also in some concerts in 1975 and 1976 on USA and Japan. Jailhouse Rock, Stupid Cupid and Bama Lama Bama Loo exist probably like a studio live take but I don't know anything more about this. Both exist along with Jesus and Keep Yourself Alive on one-sided 10" acetate owned by private collector.
    Last four tracks from list come later on other session on August 1973 for "Queen II" album. Anyway this versions are also unreleased.
    Early version of White Queen was recorded by Brian in 1968 in his house and this tape still probably exist in his own collection.
    Stone Cold Crazy was a different version, slower than on the album Sheer Heart Attack. Some people also sayed that it was a song from Wreckage era but it wasn't confirmed. Queen played this one on some early concerts but probably any of this performances survived.
    Lover was writen by Freddie in Ibex era and later he replaced the words on 'Liar'. Probably Queen never recording this one.
    There is also 7" acetate with Keep Yourself Alive with Master Room label with long version of this song (4:05) and edited on next site (3:29). First one was been released officialy as a "Long Lost Re-take" as a bonus on remastered first album in 1991 by Hollywood Records (HR-61064-2) but with slightly different mixing. Version on this acetate was probably recorded in early 1972 or in late Trident sessions in November 1972 and probably made for promotional use to find a record company.
    On acetate version of Doin' All Right, Roger sings the final verse - similar to the version featured on Queen At The Beeb.
    Emidisc 7" acetate Liar include edited version, 3:36.