1966 - UK, Truro, Tape Recorder Society with studio in the back of the cathedral

    Roger played on drums on two or three unknow tracks with female folk group The Three Jays - Jill Johnson (lead vocals, probably Roger's ex-girl) and his 2 sisters Sue (one on guitar and other one on tambourine). Recorded on a four-track professional tape recorder Ferrograph. Session started off about 7.30 PM and runs about 2 hours. 7" stereo reel tape exist.

    1969 (?) - UK, Truro, probably studio in the back of the cathedral

    Uncredited work from Roger with The Famous Jug Band where Jill Johnson joined. Maybe even some of the rehearsal tapes still exist. Roger make backing vocals and produced or assistant producer on some tracks. Part of the material released in 1970 by EMI / Liberty on LP "Chameleon" in UK.