June 1969 - UK, London, Soho, Trident Studios

  1. Earth
  2. Step On Me
  3. Doin' All Right
  4. Produced by John Anthony, executive producer Lou Reizner. Except Doin' All Right, released on promo 7" single (Mercury 72977 / 1-45118) on August 1969 in USA. Also UK Emidisc 7" acetate was discovered at the London office of the songs publishers, Shapiro Bernstein.

    September 1969 - UK, London, Wembley, De Lane Lea Studios

  1. April Lady
  2. Polar Bear
  3. Blag
  4. Produced by Fritz Freyer. On this session, guy called Keith Nelson played on electric banjo.
    Along with session from June released on LP "Gettin' Smile" (Mercury 18PP-1) on September 23th 1982 in Japan and on digitally re-mastered CD "Ghost Of A Smile" (Pseudonym CDP-1049-DD) on November 17th 1997 in Holland.

    September 1969 - UK, London, Pye Studio 2

  1. Step On Me
  2. Polar Bear
  3. Produced by Terry Yeadon and Geoff Glover. That was a unofficial session. 7" acetate still probably exist.