By davidmercury

Hi, I was speaking to a friend of mine in Birmingham the other day and I asked him what he thought about all of this Ewell 71 talk. We couldn't really make up our minds what to think about it. If it really is Barry Mitchell selling the cd and he believed it to be genuine then people have given him a bit of a hard time. It was during this conversation that my friend told me that his dad used to know Mike Grose, I think he sold him a bass guitar or something like that. Well the story goes that on the 25th of July 1970, Queen were doing a gig at PJ's club in Truro and Mike invited my friends dad along. So, he went and he recorded the show on two reel to reel tapes. The show is apparently complete apart from the gap from where he had to change the tape over. Then surprise surprise the tape got lost but about 3 months ago he was clearing out the attic and he found the two tapes. I gotta tell you guys that when my friend was telling me this I nearly collapsed in a state of shock! This has gotta be one of the most important Queen discoveries ever. I asked him if there was any chance of me getting a copy and for a start he said no chance at all. Then he said he hadn't even converted the tapes yet as he hadn't got a reel to reel machine. I think he's going to get it done professionally, It's the best way probably. I asked him if he minded me posting this on QZ and at first he said no because of how people dealt with the Barry Mitchell thing. I convinced him to let me post the topic even though he was still a bit weary of the whole idea. He just was of the idea that people on here would just dismiss it straight away and say that it was a load of shit...At the end of the day though he has the reel to reel tape in his hands, not touched for over 30 years. The evidence is all there, probably the earliest complete Queen concert ever to show up! I just want him to give me a copy now!!!!!