1. Procession / Now I'm Here
  2. Ogre Battle
  3. Father To Son
  4. White Queen
  5. Flick Of The Wrist
  6. In The Lap Of The Gods
  7. Killer Queen / The March Of The Black Queen
  8. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
  9. Son And Daughter / Guitar Solo
  10. Son And Daughter (reprise)
  11. Keep Yourself Alive
  12. Stone Cold Crazy
  13. Liar
  14. In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited
  15. Big Spender! / Modern Times Rock'n'Roll
  16. Jailhouse Rock
  17. God Save The Queen

Quality: EX-
Total time: 78:30min.

Great concert and quality. Audience is very enthusiastic. Some speeches between some songs are missing but it's not so bad.