1. Flash's Theme
  2. The Hero
  3. We will Rock You (fast)
  4. Action This Day
  5. Play The Game
  6. Staying Power
  7. Somebody To Love
  8. Now I'm Here
  9. Dragon Attack
  10. Now I'm Here (reprise)
  11. Love Of My Life
  12. Save Me
  13. Back Chat
  14. Get Down, Make Love
  15. Guitar Solo
  16. Under Pressure
  17. Fat Bottomed Girls
  18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  19. Bohemian Rhapsody
  20. Tie Your Mother Down
  21. Another One Bites The Dust
  22. Sheer Heart Attack
  23. We Will Rock You
  24. We Are The Champions
  25. God Save The Queen

Official DVD "Queen On Fire - Live At The Bowl"
Quality: EX+
Time: 103:38min.

DVD "The Tube"
Quality: EX
Time: 80min

Audience source
Quality: VG+
Time: 85:07min.

Very powerfull. Worth to buy official DVD. Also available version from The Tube program rebroadcasted in 7.01.1983 on Channel 4 which have litlle another editing in some songs and more pre-concert shots and interviews.
Audience audio recording is realy enjoyable but with hiss in background and incomplete. Another audience source on 2 master tapes exist - after hearing sample for my ears sound much worser.