• If You want trade and will contact with me first, than You first sent your stuff.
  • All recorded in DAO format in blank CDR's. Check all after burning.
  • If Your recording have some clicks on tracks or between tracks, spaces, "strange" cuts just tell me ok.
  • Any concerts from mp3 source! I warn if You fibbing something.
  • Will be very good if You send CDR's by airmail.
  • If You want official recordings go to the shop.
  • I don't sell recordings.

    All my audio recordings for swap doesn’t come from MP3! I don’t want live material in this format, it’s simply shity.
    I have 3 recordings released by Masterport but it looks like they used some filter to reduce hiss what know looks like lossy.

    With this sites some years ago, I started to be a professionalist. Thanks guys!
    Bob's Bootleg Basement
    Queen Bootlegs
    Queen Concerts
    Queen Bootlegs
    Queen Picture Hall

    Also enjoy with Queen Traders forum.

    This collectors are 100% reliable and I trade with them without troubles:
    Bob's Bootleg Basement
    Flick Of The Wrist Bootlegs
    Live recordings Queen
    Magic Queen
    Michiel S.
    Nuno's trading page
    Pikkolo Luca's Queen Website 4.0
    Queen Boot Killers
    Queen Bootlegs
    Queen Bootlegs For Trade
    Queen Bootlegs List
    Queen On Stage
    Queen & other artists
    Queen trading site
    Queen - We Will Rock You
    Rhye's Queen Trading Place
    The Show Must Go On

    Any question write to: Luke

    Queen - Live Recordings © 2005