Here You find some informations about existing and not and unsure Queen recordings. We don't have to much information about this and this ones dosen't available on bootleg market. Some of this soundboard or audience tapes are only in private collections, TV & other archives, still not arrive or just lost by time .
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  • 28.10.1964, UK, Twickenham, St. Mary's Church Hall - first public performance 1984 band or one of the rehearsals of this was recorded. Most of recordings from this era was deleted but this one wasn't. What a shame the tape probably don't survived the years.

  • Summer 1966, UK, Molesey, Boat Club - group 1984 played Happy Hendrix Polka; at know any recording wasn't found.

  • 26.10.1968, UK, London, Imperial College - Smile played Toccata And Fugue In D Minor (Bach) and Can't Be So Sad (Everly Brothers ?); at know any recording wasn't found.

  • Early '70 years - I suppose Brian have some early Queen recordings or maybe even somethink from '60 in his own private home collection.

  • 25.07.1970, UK, Truro, PJ's Club - whole gig recorded on two reel to reel tapes ? Who knows... If this story is true then will be realy great if this recording even see light of day.

  • 18.09.1970, UK, London - at the rehearsal Queen played Voodoo Chile as a tribute to Jimi Hendrix who die this day. But recording dosen't exist, what a shame.

  • 9.01.1971, UK, Ewell, Technical College - Ken Testi recorded this one and only Rock'n'Roll medley (Jailhouse Rock, Stupid Cupid, Bebop A Lula, Big Spender, Bama Lama Bama Loo) survived to ours days (mangled/chewed tape). Barry Mitchell on bass guitar. Would be nice to hear this. Anyway probably hidden in Queen archive.
    Some fake copies was selled by Barry Mitchell on auction so beware. He made a mistake and selled high generation copy of Rock'n'Roll Medley from London 13.09.1973.

  • Early recording - John Deacon has some old early recording from Queen concert but anyone don't remember what exact date come from.

  • 20.12.1972, England, London, Marquee Club - one of the concerts where Queen was trying to convice some record companys to relesed his first album. Queen even played Jesus and Great King Rat. This is probably the only recording with Jesus played live. Audio recording is hidden in Queen archive, let's hope it will soon see light of day. This one dosen't exist on bootleg market, if someone offered this recording it's always not from this gig. So beware.

  • 14.10.1973, Luxembourg, Le Blow Up - Radio Luxembourg planned record this concert but the recording equipment failed.

  • 20.10.1973, UK, London, Paris Theatre - there was a plan to record this concert by BBC for program "In Concert" but there was some technical problems and it's dosen't work.

  • As Brian said, every Queen concert since 1974 was professionaly recorded.

  • 2.02.1974, Australia, Melbourne, Sunbury Music Festival - probably professional video exist. But at know video from this one wasn't found and ABC Australia deny information to have it on archive. Both probably Channel 7 in Australia have this one :)

  • Unknow dates - very interesting video shots !!! Comes from document "Killer Queen". It's probably taken from 1974.
    Look at the Freddie's dress on photo 1, like from video Keep Yourself Alive from St. Johns Wood Studios in 1.10.1973. Most possible from Rainbow in 31.03.1974 (pic 3) - Freddie in some moment have the same dress. Also You see in this picture like Brian play in Fender Stratocaster! And I think also camera angles like in short video with S&D and MTR'n'R is the same. Camera isn't so stable and is shake because Freddie stand on Brian's site close to audience and almost go to outsite visul lens field of camera. So more material exist from this gig...? Now I hope ! :)
    Picture 2 is also very interesting, maybe from Tokio 1.05.1975 but I don't think so - Freddie's dress. He wore this only together to Queen II tour I think so it's not come from any SHA concert. Look at the photo from Oxford in 20.11.1973 (pic 4) - isn't the same dress? And look at the scene - percusion in the same platform with the same silver binding! So is this possible that the some concert from Queen I era will be filmed even partly? Maybe it's from Melbourne in 2.02.1974? But video from this one wasn't found at know and ABC Australia deny information to have it on archive. For sure not come from Rainbow, March '74 because drum bass have one mic. On pics from Rainbow concert we see 2 mics beside drum bass...
    Queen for sure don't have this ones on archive.
    Independant TV company Granada TV make programme for Channel 4 - UK commercial TV station, where this Killer Queen document was presented. The BBC don't like giving stuff to any other stations so it's most likely filmed by Granada TV. And know we for sure say that this videos still exist. The quality is great of both shots and know we know that the TV archive - possibly Granada TV - have somethink what we want ! Just fabulous.

  • 1974 - 1975 - where does this come from this pictures? Looks like from some TV programs what probably not survived to date. Well know is performance on Golden Lions festival in 24.07.1975 when they probably mimed Killer Queen but some sources say that only Brian and Roger was there and got Golden Lions award to Freddie for that song.
    There is also a legend about Queen mimed Now I'm Here performance for TOTP and for Granada TV but at know any video wasn't found.

    First pics looks like from Avro's "Top Pop" with Killer Queen - the same instruments, dresses but different scenery. Any idea?

    Another mysterious performance what looks like mimed. We see even TV cameras on this one. I suppose this ones or next shots come from How I'm Here performamce from TOTP.

    And at the end another one performance, probably also mimed. Also with TV camera. Look at this blue bulbs almost like in TOTP studio on well know Killer Queen performance. Last pic with Freddie on red jacket looks like from this one but I'm not sure about this because it's possible that it's come from some photo session.

  • 31.03.1974, UK, London, Rainbow Theatre - at now we have from this 10min proffesional video: Son And Daughter and Modern Times Rock'n'roll. Full show was probably filmed for the 45 program Granada TV and only this 2 songs survived - but who knows maybe full video wasn't deleted ( look above to unknow video shots ).
    Complete soundboard recording from mastertape exist. Include some overdubs to released on "future" as a live album but it dosen't work.

  • 27.04.1974, USA, Providence, Palace Theatre - there is a Mott The Hoople bootlegs from Liverpool '73, Birmingham '73, Bristol '73, Portland '74 and Waterbury '74 and from this place (~40min), so maybe also exist Queen recording from this day?

  • 8.05.1974, USA, New York, Uris Theatre - King Biscuit Flower Hour (KBFH radio) broadcasted this day Mott The Hoople concert but for sure not Queen.

  • 1.05.1975, Japan, Tokyo, Budokan - probably full professional video exist. At know we have only Now I'm Here, Killer Queen and In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited from this one on video. Do You imagine to watch songs like Hangman and Great King Rat, it will be great!

  • 24.12.1975, UK, London, Hammersmith Odeon - BBC crew packed their cameras right after the first encore but probably one camera filmed Seven Seas Of Rhye, See What A Fool I've Been and God Save The Queen.

  • April 1976, Australia, Sydney, Horden Pavillion - one of the concerts was recorded on tape and some girl in Australia is a owner that treasure.

  • Early 1977, USA - unknow 6sec from amateur Super 8mm shoots; VH1-8 track flashback US TV, broadcasted about 1995.

  • 5.02.1977, USA, New York, City of New York, Madison Square Garden - short amateur Super 8mm video with sound was recorded by some fan who was keeped by security man. Freddie saw him and after the concert keeped recording to oneself. But nobody know if this one survived on Garden Lodge and Mary Austin still have this one.
    The same guy day later recorded another short video from Queen gig.

  • 16.01.1977, USA, Indiana, Indianapolis, Convention Centre - 5min amateur silent Super 8mm video.

  • 8.02.1977, USA, Syracuse, War Memorial Auditorium - complete audience recording probably exist.

  • 21.02.1977, USA, Georgia, Atlanta, Omni - 17min, amateur video.

  • 2.06 or 3.07.1977, UK, Liverpool - complete soundboard recording probably exist.

  • 6.10.1977, UK, London, New London Theatre Centre - on the Killer Queen document there is a some black nad white scenes filmed probably by 8mm camera, so... maybe some short piece from Queen concert was filmed, who knows (pic 4)...

  • 21.11.1977, USA, Toronto, Maple Leaf Gardens - audience recording existed but highly possible that the tape was re-recorded...

  • 10.12.1977, USA, Fort Worth - professional video probably still exist. Bob Harris recorded this for some documentary about group for BBC and never finnish that.

  • 22.12.1977, USA, Los Angeles, The Forum - audience recording exist. It was shortly before Xmass so on this concert Queen played acoustic version of White Christmas with John Reid and Peter Straker on backing vocals. If someone here this fabulous song singing by Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby than know what a great song it is.

  • Europe 1978 - 3min amateur Super 8mm silent video, discovered with other one 13min probably from Berlin '79.

  • 3.05.1978, Germany, Munich, Olympiahalle - maybe more songs was professionaly filmed.

  • 29.10.1978, USA, Tennessee, Memphis, Mid-South Coliseum - audience recording exist along with short 8mm amateur video.

  • 6.11.1978, USA, New York, City of New York, Madison Square Garden - 3min amateur Super 8mm silent video.

  • 1978 or 1979 - for me it's unknow video, in this concert Freddie on Superman threw bananas to the audience :) On official comics about Queen there is a pic from this and info that it was from London's Alexandra Palace in 1979. But as we know the video from this Crazy Tour concert dosen't exist. Or maybe we miss something... So where it's come from ?! For me most possible will be from one of the Paris concerts in 1979 or from Saarbrücken in Summer '79. Any suggestions write to me.
    Pic 2 come from the same concert but from US The Champions document (with few shots from Paris '79). Pick with mask probably come from some early Jazz tour concert in Europe just to prove that Freddie wear silver glittersuit on Jazz tour.

  • 24.01.1979, Germany, Berlin, Deutschlandhalle - 13min amateur Super 8mm silent video probably come from that date.

  • 26.01.1979, Belgium, Brussels, Forest Nationale - I hope that this whole concert was professionaly filmed.

  • 29.01.1979, Holland, Ahoy Hall - like show from Brussels there must be more professional video recording from this one.

  • 27.02.1979, France, Paris, Pavillon De Paris - some songs are availible from this one but probably whole concert wasn't filmed. But who knows...

  • 28.02.1979, France, Paris, Pavillon De Paris - probably full professional video exist.

  • 1.03.1979, France, Paris, Pavillon De Paris - maybe full professional video exist, 63min video what we have include songs from this and previous gig and come from 1 camera with time clock on the corner so maybe more camera filmed this.

  • 13.02.1979, Germany, Stuttgart, Sporthalle Boeblingen - short video probably exist and come from amateur camera, black and white but I'm not sure about this. Or maybe filmed by the same TV company from Stuttgart, like from Munich '79.

  • 25.04.1979, Japan, Tokyo, Budokan - maybe full professional video exist, TV report from this have bad editing I thing and few cuts of course. "The Champions" doc include other shots from this concert and also Get Down Make Love with Now I'm Here (but sound come from Paris '79).

  • 28.08.1979, Germany, Saarbrücken, Ludwigsparkstadion - maybe full professional video exist.

  • 22.11.1979, Ireland, Dublin - audience recording probably still exist somewhere but it's not on the bootleg market. This day Queen played famous Irish song Danny Boy. Will be great to hear this. Following night pirate radio station Radio Dublin rebroadcast some songs from this recording.

    25.11.1980, France, Paris, Le Bourget, Hall d'Exposition - some professional video shots from one camera (only 5 sec) presented on some old TV interview with Queen (25min). Filmed by Argentina TV (Canal 9) on Paris before Queen's visit to South America.

    12.1980, England, London, Wembley Arena - someone mentioned that he record 8mm video on some of that London gigs. Any proof wasn't leaked at know.

  • 28.02.1981, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Velez Sarsfield Stadium - whole concert was professionaly filmed and probably still exist, at know only Another One Bites Dust was broadcasted on TV (probably Queen Productions dosen't have a full video in archives and some years ago there was a rumours about fire in argentinan TV archive and let's hope this video wasn't burned).

  • 1.03.1981, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Velez Sarsfield Stadium - audience audio recording was recorded which was clearly seen on video but at know any recording wasn't leaked.

  • 4.03.1981, Argentina, Mar del Plata, Estadio Municipal - recording from this concert sounds mostly like a soundboard so I think local radio broadcasted this gig as well.

  • 6.03.1981, Argentina, Rosario, Club Atlético Rosario Central - recorded by local Channel 3 along with interviews with Freddie in this town. Nobody know is this concert was recorded full or only partly.

  • 21.03.1981, Brazil, Sao Paulo, Morumbi Stadium - probably broadcasted by Radio Citade, in bootleg from this concert like a bonus is a short piece from this.

  • 9.10.1981, Mexico, Monterrey, Estadio Universitario - 45min video exist, filmed by one camera, copy have a local university if I remember well and at least 2 other guys.

  • 17 or 18.10.1981, Mexico, Puebla, Estadio Ignacio Zaragoza - maybe broadcasted by local radio; also 87min one camera video exist.

  • All concerts from Europen Hot Space Tour - rumours says that the all this concerts was professionaly filmed but it wasn't proved.

  • 1982 - probably there was a plan to record some songs for new album Hot Space for BBC but it's dosen't work.

  • 9.04.1982, Sweden, Gothenburg, Scandinavium - incomplete audience recording on 1cd probably exist on private hands.

  • 04 or 05.1982, France, Paris, Palais Des Sports - don't know exact date but tv recorded some interview with band and also soundcheck.

  • 12.05.1982, Austria, Vienna, Stadthalle - maybe full video is in ORF TV archive, who knows...

  • 24.08.1984, Belgium, Brussels, Forest Nationale - the video from Hammer To Fall was probably filmed in this concert, but full recording for sure dosen't exist. What a shame...

  • 2.09.1984, UK, Birmingham, NEC - rumours about video from this concert recorded by TV and (?) partly broadcasted.

  • 20.09.1984, Holland, Leiden, Groenoordhal - soundboard recording probably exist on private hands but where is proof...?

  • October 1984, Bophuthatswana, Sun City, Super Bowl - audience recording exist but it's not on the bootleg market. Probably recorded by guy who worked with Queen at this time in South Africa.

  • 13.04.1985, New Zealand, Auckland, Mount Smart Stadium - professional video exist. Before the concert Freddie meet Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet who came to see him. Latter they was so drunk that Freddie have some problems on concert and along with Tony performed Jailhouse Rock but Tony forgot the words and start to sing Tutti Frutti :)
    Audience or soundboard audio recording also exist.

    9.05.1985, Japan, Tokyo, Nippon Budōkan - 30 sec broadcasted on TV. Where is the rest =) ?

  • 05(?).1986, UK, London - video from rehearsal filmed by private camera. Part of this video are released as bonus to official DVD "Live At Wembley Stadium" in 2003. Will be good to have whole video.

  • 06.1986 - soundboard recording from one of the 3 concerts in Leiden exist on private hands.

  • 11.06.1986, Holland, Leiden, Groenoordhallen - there is a video filmed by one camera but it's not on a bootleg market, quality is probably excellent.

  • 21.07.1986, Germany, Mannheim, Maimarktgelände - rumours about existing amateur video.

  • 5.07.1986, Ireland, Dublin, Slane Castle - 63min amateur video from this concert come from 2 cameras, but I think when it was edited, rest of the material from both cameras was deleted I thing, what a shame.

  • 9.07.1986, UK, Newcastle, St. James Park - there is short TV documentary from this day with some shots from concert. I think only beginning of this concert was filmed by TV - on amateur video You will see on the first songs, just under the scene on the left and right corner something like professional camera. Screenshot from left, show promoter Harvey Goldsmith.

  • 12.07.1986, UK, London, Kensington Roof Gardens - afterparty, video exist with Samantha Fox and Gary Gliter as a quests. Why it's not on official DVD from Wembley Stadium concert from 1986 ! Big miss...

  • 1.08.1986, Spain, Barcelona, Mini Estadi de FC Barcelona - probably a whole concert was professionaly filmed by one camera .

  • 9.08.1986, UK, Stevenage, Knebworth Park - full professional video exist for sure. When I watched amateur video I to count about 8 cameras which transmited the concert on the large outdoor screen.


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